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2020 Issue-1

Servo Magazine


Experimenting with Walking Robots — Walking Up and Down Hills

Create a robot that can navigate inclines as easily as level terrain.

Goal Prediction Using AI

Use AI and machine learning algorithms to study and predict if a soccer goal will be scored or not.

Meet Bot Ross

Can’t draw? Have a robot turn an image from your computer into an accurate sketch.

Versatile Stepper Control

Here’s a technique that borrows from Direct Digital Synthesis to control multiple stepper motors at almost any step rate.

Laser Alignment System for Your CNC Router

A simple solution for spot-on center alignment of workpieces.

Alpha-Writer: A Computer-Controlled Letter Writing Robotic Arm

Let a robot do your writing for you.

Grant Imahara Eulogy

Grant Imahara was so much more than just a shining star.


Building a Linear Actuator

Roll your own actuators and save some money.

Combat Zone

Building a Better Box

Every serious combat robot builder should have a test box.

Stepping Stones — The Story of Thunder Child

My evolution in both skills and robot design.

Bringing About the Apocalypse

The evolution of a 3 lb bot.


bots IN BRIEF (01.2020)
Interesting TidBits From The Robot World.

New Products (01.2020)

An Analog Artifact Worthy of Your Robotics Toolkit
by Bryan Bergeron
Here’s why you need a Simpson 260 VOM.

Connected Cars — A Fast Brewing World in Automotive
by Abhinav Kumar
Connected cars have become a hot space to follow.