Nate Franklin

Nate's Articles

Stepping Stones — The Story of Thunder Child
January 2020
My evolution in both skills and robot design.

March 2018
Results of the third ever SWORD (Student Wildcats of Robotic Design) Fights event held at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Motorama 2017
June 2017
Get the results of NERC’s 2017 combat event.

Pennsylvania College of Technology SWORD Fights
February 2017
The Pennsylvania College of Technology hosts its first ever SWORD event.

NERC’s Battle on the Parkway: 10 Years of Fighting in Philly
January 2017
Find out the winners and losers at this 10th anniversary NERC competition.

Denise: A Quick and Easy Fairyweight
August 2016
Building a 150 gram robot for competition.

The Influence of Combat Robot Kits
May 2015
If you go to any robot combat event, you are bound to see at least one robot that comes from a kit.

EVENT REPORT: The Evolution of Slim Pickens
March 2015
In the February issue of SERVO Magazine, I talked about my first event and the creation of my first robot, Slim Pickens. This article will talk about how Slim Pickens has changed over the years, and what I’ve learned along the way.

EVENT REPORT: My First Event: A Personal Narrative
February 2015
Whenever I go to events, I love to chat with the other builders about their experiences.