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2020 Issue-5

Servo Magazine

I Built A Military Robot.



Using GUIs To Control Two Robots — Update: Multi-Platform GUIs

Don’t limit yourself to just using a Raspberry Pi to control your robots.

Reconsidering the BeagleBone Blue

Why is the BeagleBone Blue not more popular among robot builders?

Robotics: How to Get Started — Part 4: Robotic Behaviors

Create behaviors that can allow your robot to navigate autonomously.

Alternative Computing Models: Part 3 — Electronic Analog Computing

Build your own analog computer to take on your math problems.

Add a Smart Digital Readout to Your Milling Machine — Part 1

Fix the common pitfalls of using a manual milling machine with a DRO.

The Impact of AI on Distance Learning

The use of Al in distance learning can be highly effective.

Drone Skills Fit Multiple Career Paths

Drone programs at the middle school and high school level are clearly proliferating.


Build Simone the AI Fembot — Part 3: Creating Simone’s Animatronic Head

Create Simone’s animatronic head.

I Built a Military Robot

Build your own robotic military vehicle that could traverse the desert and collect video from a front mounted camera.


New Products

Bots in Brief (05.2020)
Interesting TidBits From The Robot World.

BioFeedback (05.2020)
Comments from readers.