Roger Secura

Roger's Articles

Laser Alignment System for Your CNC Router
January 2020
A simple solution for spot-on center alignment of workpieces.

How I Make 3D Printed Parts
May 2019
Learn my entire process for making 3D parts using free software.

CNC Routers: The Z Axis Zero Setter
April 2019
Why you need a Z axis zero setter, and how to use one to establish the location of “part zero.”

How to “Tram” Your CNC Router
March 2019
Take a look at what tramming a CNC router means, why you need to tram your machine, and the equipment and technique I use to tram mine.

Make a Spring-Loaded Pen Holder for Your CNC Router for $5!
February 2019
A pen holder is a nice addition to any CNC hobbyist’s tool bag.

Beginner’s Guide to CNC Routers
February 2018
Understand the basics before buying a CNC router.

The Schmitt Trigger and How It Works
March 2014
The Schmitt trigger is one of the most widely used circuits in the electronics industry.