Roger Secura

Roger's Articles

How I Make 3D Printed Parts
May 2019
Learn my entire process for making 3D parts using free software.

How to “Tram” Your CNC Router
March 2019
Take a look at what tramming a CNC router means, why you need to tram your machine, and the equipment and technique I use to tram mine.

Beginner’s Guide to CNC Routers
February 2018
Understand the basics before buying a CNC router.

The Schmitt Trigger and How It Works
March 2014
Whether because of harsh environments or the inherent limitations of sensor technology, output signals are rarely as clean as we'd like. Sensor noise can overwhelm a navigation system or even a simple robotics control system. You can take steps such as adding shielding to cables (adds weight), defining noise gates in software (takes space and degrades overall computational performance), and investing in better, more expensive sensors.