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2020 Issue-6

Servo Magazine

SPY-DER: A Speech & Web Controlled Surveillance Spider Robot



Totem Robotics Kit – A Review

The Totem Robotics Kit is perfect for anyone wanted to get started in robotics.

Lightweight Neural Networks

You don’t need to go big with neural networks for small projects.

Add a Smart Digital Readout to Your Milling Machine — Part 2

Fix the common pitfalls of using a manual milling machine with a DRO.

The Continuing Adventures of Mr. Robot

Getting a Hero 2000 to auto-navigate.

Dual Robot Control Using Web Development + the Cloud

How I developed an app and deployed it using Docker and Kubernetes, and then integrated it with GitHub Actions and ArgoCD to control two robots.

SPY-DER: A Speech & Web Controlled Surveillance Spider Robot

I spy with this spider surveillance bot.

Robotics: How to Get Started — Part 5: Real Robots

Use algorithms developed with a simulator to control real robots.


Build Simone the AI Fembot — Part 4: Installing Simone’s Animatronic Head

It’s time to install Simone’s animatronic head.


New Products

Bots in Brief
Interesting TidBits From The Robot World.

Robot Life Extension: A Matter of Life and Death
by Bryan Bergeron
In this disposable world, why should you care about saving your robot?