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2020 Issue-3

Servo Magazine

Build Simone the AI Fembot.

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Robotics: How to Get Started — Part 2

If you want a robot that can interact appropriately with its environment, you need significant programming skills.

The M5StickC, First Impressions

The M5StickC has many applications for use in robotics.

My Son the LEGO Master

Taking LEGOs to the next level.

Is LiDAR in Your Robot’s Future — Part 2

Experiment with some unique ways of using LiDAR data for simple navigation.

Marvelous Magnetic Machines

See how to make magical motors from spare parts.

Alternative Computing Models: Part 1 — The Abacus

Consider the mental math skills that you can develop by learning and operating the Japanese abacus.


Build Simone the AI Fembot

Venture into the “uncanny valley” with this robot build.


Bots in Brief (03.2020)
Interesting TidBits From The Robot World.

New Products (03.2020)

BioFeedback (03.2020)
Comments from readers.