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2020 Issue-4

Servo Magazine

How To Make A Machine Learning And Vision Based Sudoku Solving Robot Using A Raspberry Pi.

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Using GUIs to Control Two Robots

Control robots using Python’s guizero module.

Alternative Computing Models: Part 2 — Sliding Rules

Explore the math skills you can develop by working with the traditional linear slide rule and related sliding rule computing devices.

Jumping Out of the Cages With Soft Robots

Robots go soft.

Six of the Best STEM Podcasts to Subscribe to

Stay STEM informed with these podcasts.

Is LiDAR in Your Robot’s Future — Part 3

Transition the simulation-tested ideas discussed in the last article to real LiDAR hardware.

AI Impact on Students Life: Pros and Cons

Artificial Intelligence is definitely something to consider because it has numerous benefits for students.

Robotics: How to Get Started — Part 3

Develop a complete program that can direct a robot to achieve a specific goal.


How to Make a Machine Learning and Computer Vision Based Sudoku Solving Robot Using a Raspberry Pi

Build your own robot which can solve Sudokus of any difficulty level within a few seconds.

Build Simone the AI Fembot — Part 2: OpenFembot

Building the arms and silicone skin hands for Simone.


New Products (04.2020)

Bots in Brief (04.2020)
Interesting TidBits From The Robot World.

The Economics of Robotic Experimentation
by Bryan Bergeron
What can you do to maintain an adequate parts bin on a budget?