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Disability in the Modern Age: How Rehabilitation Robotics is Changing Lives Across the World
December 2013
After being in a severe accident, implementing robotics into the recovery process took on a whole new meaning.

LEGO Mindstorm Robots at the 2013 Lunabotics Competition
September 2013
As part of NASA’s annual event, special workshops were held for school-aged children — all the way down to preschool — to help foster a love for STEM education by learning to use LEGOs to build bots.

The Fourth Annual Lunabotics Competition
September 2013
College students descend on the Kennedy Space Center for NASA’s yearly contest to build lunar rovers.

It’s All in Your Head
August 2013
More and more, scientists are looking to the anatomy of the human body to maker smarter and faster machines.

The History of Robot Combat: Robot Combat in Brazil
December 2012
In recent years, robot combat has expanded to have a large international following. Countries all over the world have adapted the sport in unique ways.

The History of Robot Combat: Robot Battles at Dragon*Con
October 2012
Robot Battles at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA is one of the oldest robot combat events.

MATE ROV 2012 International Competition
September 2012
Wrap-up of this year’s event held in Orlando, FL.

The Third Annual Lunabotics Competition
August 2012
A few hundred college students descended on Cape Canaveral to participate in this unique competition that encourages STEM education and helps NASA develop their own lunar rovers.

The History of Robot Combat: Motorama
August 2012
Motorama was born around the same time as many other robot combat events: shortly after the end of BattleBots. Through the years, the competition has grown considerably, changed arenas, seen child competitors grow up in the sport, and evolved.

The History of Robot Combat: RoboGames
July 2012
After the ending of BattleBots in 2003, a void was left in the world of robot combat competitions.

The History of Robot Combat: Rise of the Insects — Part 2
June 2012
Beetleweights, although a few years younger than their Antweight counterparts, have risen to major prominence in the robot combat world. Weighing in at three pounds they have long been popular with new and veteran builders alike.

The History of Robot Combat: The Rise of the Insects — Part 1
April 2012
For most of robot combat’s history, the mantra was “the bigger, the better." However, in the years immediately following the cancelling of BattleBots, the spirit of the sport changed to become even more grassroots and inclusive to new builders. Enter the Insect weight classes.

The History of Robot Combat: Life After BattleBots
March 2012
After the cancellation of Comedy Central’s BattleBots in late 2002, many in the building world felt lost.

The History of Robot Combat: BattleBots
February 2012
For years, robot combat in the United States was a niche sport reserved for relatively small groups of builders. In this installment, we examine the transformation of the sport into a nationwide phenomenon.

The History of Robot Combat: From Humble Beginnings to Multinational Sensation
January 2012
Long before the glitz and glamour of Comedy Central’s BattleBots™ brought mass appeal to the sport, robot combat had much humbler beginnings.

PARTS IS PARTS: Susie’s Saga Continues – The Beginner’s Guide to Motors
October 2011
In the last issue of SERVO, we introduced you to Susie — a young girl trying to begin a career in combat robotics.

PARTS IS PARTS: Gear Terminology Meshes With Little Susie by Morgan Berry
September 2011
Every builder — even the most seasoned veterans — have experienced more than one “Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?” moment when working on a bot.

Bay Area Robot Flights
September 2009
MetroCon is an Anime Convention that is held annually in Tampa, FL. This was the seventh annual year that MetroCon has been held, and it is the largest Anime Festival in the state of Florida.