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December 2012

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Autonomous Obstacle Avoiding Alarm Clock



Power Beyond the Shield

If you are willing to accept a few limitations, there are expansion options that can provide both convenience and power beyond what standard Arduino shields offer.

Autonomous Obstacle Avoiding Robot Alarm Clock

This simple implementation provides a lot of functions that even beginners can sink their teeth into.

SLANG - The Sign Language Assistance and Navigation Glove

This “handy” glove can help with communication, as well as be a wireless controller in all sorts of applications.

Using a Stepper Motor Without a Microcontroller

The unique DC servo design described in this article uses a stepper motor as if it were a DC motor, and can be implemented with minimal electronics.


Build the Kronos Flyer - Part 2

Part 2 of our quadcopter build goes over the design and parts breakdown.


by Jeff Eckert, Jenn Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits
New Era in Manufacturing?, Keep Your Mind (and Hands) Out of the Gutter, Not Being There, Firefighting Bot Hot Ticket, and No More Reaching for Salt and Pepper.

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Your Problems Solved Here
Our resident expert on all things robotic is merely an email away. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Linear Actuators, Servos, and Motion Devices
In last month's column, I reviewed the typical rotary servos that we are so familiar with — those used as actuators for model airplane control surfaces or as drive motors for smaller tabletop robots. I also reviewed a few very large servos such as the Invenscience Torxis monster servos and a few tiny servos that weigh only a few grams each. This month, I would like to review a type of servo or actuator that not many of us ever implement into our robotic creations: linear servos and actuators.

Combat Zone

BUILD REPORT: Finding a Happy Balance

in The Combat Zone

Today's Beetles and Ants have drums and beater bars that can spin in excess of 20,000 rpm.

Happy New Year from the Combat Zone

in The Combat Zone

Grit your teeth, readers. It's what you've come to expect in December issues of magazines — the dreaded year-end retrospective.

Building the Atlanta Insect Arena

in The Combat Zone

Every year at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA, they host two robot combat events. On Sunday, it’s Robot Micro Battles, with one and three pound robots facing off.

The History of Robot Combat: Robot Combat in Brazil

in The Combat Zone

In recent years, robot combat has expanded to have a large international following. Countries all over the world have adapted the sport in unique ways.