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September 2011

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Upgrading Your Boe-Bot



Introducing the Cypress PSoC 5

The Cypress PSoC is a programmable “system on chip” device which includes all the functions of a traditional microcontroller, in addition to programmable analog and digital blocks. This combination allows for a single chip solution for many robotics projects.

Getting Started With FPGAs — Part 1

FPGAs are ICs found in some of the latest electronics products. This two-part series begins with a quick introduction to field programmable gate arrays to get you started experimenting with them.


Build This Beginner Bot (For Under $20) — Part 2

This time, we’ll replace the manual switch control with fully automatic electronic function, so our robot will react to light.

Upgrading the Boe-Bot — Part 1

Beef up your Boe-Bot to do more than humanly possible ... well, sort of.


by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits

by David Geer
Matt Bunting’s Hexapod Robot

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Ask Mr. Roboto
Your Problems Solved Here

The NXT Big Thing
by Greg Intermaggio
The NXT Big Thing
The Sound of ... Robots?

Twin Tweaks
by Evan Woolley, Bryce Woolley
Twin Tweaks
Getting Serial

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Then and Now
Mechanics for Robot Hands and Arms

Combat Zone

BUILD REPORT: The Great Outdoors: Combat Robots vs. Mother Nature

in The Combat Zone

Robots fight. We all know this, and it is why we read this section of the magazine. However, where, and when

PARTS IS PARTS: Gear Terminology Meshes With Little Susie by Morgan Berry

in The Combat Zone

Every builder — even the most seasoned veterans — have experienced more than one “Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?” moment when working on a bot.

EVENT REPORT: 2011 NRL National Championships

in The Combat Zone

It was may 21, 2011. In an airplane hanger at the edge of the Indianapolis International Airport, I could hear crashes, clanks, and the hum of tools being used.