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Enter the MATRIX: A Robust New Build System for FTC and Beyond
May 2013
MATRIX Robotics enters the “kit” competition with a brand new 3D metal construction system that is perfect for use in events like the FIRST Tech Challenge, as well as for hobbyists and educators.

The NXT Big Thing
Column: Then and Now
February 2012
Isotope — Part 3

The NXT Big Thing
Column: The NXT Big Thing
January 2012
Isotope — Part 2

The NXT Big Thing
Column: The NXT Big Thing
December 2011
Meet Isotope — a Custom Robot Chassis

The NXT Big Thing
Column: The NXT Big Thing
September 2011
The Sound of ... Robots?

Maker Breaker: The Scoop on Robotics at the Bay Area Maker Faire 2011
August 2011
Take a quick look at some of the robots that made it to this year’s Maker Faire.

The NXT Big Thing #7
February 2011
Eddie 2.0 does Sumo.

The NXT Big Thing #6
January 2011
Meet Eddie 2.0 — the next generation of LEGO MINDSTORMS design.

The NXT Big Thing #5
December 2010
Things get light-hearted as we learn about dynamic variables by making Eddie seek light.

The NXT Big Thing #4
November 2010
A feast for the sensors! This time, learn how to use two light sensors to accurately follow a line in any direction.

The NXT Big Thing #3
October 2010
See the light! Learn about the light sensor that many NXT enthusiasts argue is the single most versatile sensor in the kit.

The NXT Big Thing #2
September 2010
This time we get touchy-feely by first learning how the computer software included in the kit works. Then, we’ll use our first sensor to navigate our robot around a room.

The NXT Big Thing
August 2010
Time to break out that LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT kit! We’ll start with a basic build following step-by-step instructions and then in future articles, we’ll create some very unique projects utilizing things like Bluetooth and additional sensors.

RoboGames In Retrospect
July 2010
Team Tesla Prime shares some insights and lessons learned from their experience at RoboGames 2010.

So, You Want to Build a ComBot - Part 2
May 2010
This time, we'll put everything together to turn that bucket o' bolts into a working ComBot.

So, You Want to Build a ComBot — Part 1
April 2010
This short series will cover the basics of designing a featherweight ComBot from the ground up using only tools you’d find in a home shop.

LEGO in Schools
May 2009
While there are certainly many products that offer kids an opportunity to learn the principles of robotics, we can all agree that LEGO deserves a crown and a medal for all its given to roboticists of all ages throughout the years. LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT is an educational kit comprised of a stable robotics platform, making it easy to prototype, build, program, and modify robots with powerful hardware tools like ultrasonic sensors, and software tools like the NXT programming environment...