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June 2011

Servo Magazine

Building Bots From Found Parts - Make your own “No-Cut” Mini T-Bot



CPLDs — Part 4: HDL Programming

Now that you have a better idea of what a CPLD is and what it can do, it’s time to introduce and begin using HDL (hardware description language).

Make Your Robot’s Wires Extinct

Find out about a new 8051-based powerhouse that will allow you to lose the wire connection to the microcontroller in your robot.

Programming the LEGO NXT: An Alternative Approach Suitable For Developing Tomorrow’s Engineers

LEGO makes building robots easier, and now programming a LEGO NXT can be just as easy. Learn about the open-source LegoLibrary.bas.


A UART/SPI Monitor for Your Micro — Part 2

This month, we’ll finish off the tool that lets us “peek under the hood” of our controller and then we’ll put it into a useable housing.

Building Bots From Found Parts

There’s virtually no limit to the number and type of items you can use in your robot projects. Find out just how easy it is to build your own “no-cut” robot out of ready-made parts available at your local hardware store.


by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits

by David Geer
A Robot’s Touch

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Ask Mr. Roboto
Your Problems Solved Here

The NXT Big Thing
by Greg Intermaggio
The NXT Big Thing #11
In Control!

Twin Tweaks
by Bryce Woolley, Evan Woolley
Twin Tweaks
Why Did The Robot Cross The Road?

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Then and Now
New Approaches to Robotics Education

Combat Zone

BUILD REPORT: Moros — A 30 lb Angled Bar Spinner

in The Combat Zone

Moros is the third generation of my angled bar spinners. Ruiner was the original, and was built for RoboGames 2006 where it finished with a 1-2 record after having the antenna removed in the second match, which resulted in a forfeit in the third match.


in The Combat Zone

This month's theme: Kids Building Combat Bots Become Better Kids.

The Reality of TV

in The Combat Zone

An Opinion Piece by Pete Smith