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August 2011

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Maker Breaker: The Scoop on Robotics at the Bay Area Maker Faire 2011

Take a quick look at some of the robots that made it to this year’s Maker Faire.

PennBots is Alive and Well!

See what happened when PennBots, Harrisburg University, and the National Electronics Museum hooked up to host some robot competitions.

Meet the Swiss Army Knife of Robotics: the Cerebot 32MX7 — Part 2

This time, you’ll tailor the Microchip TCP/IP stack to drive a PmodWiFi module. Plus, you’ll also customize the USB Host portion of the Applications Library to help persuade the Cerebot 32MX7 to host a USB thumb drive.

YT4 Human Robot

This robot build can interact, communicate, and utilize functional hands, arms, and elbows.

Using Advanced Sensors With VEX

“Hear Me, See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me ...” Learn about the dif ferent VEX sensors available that can give your projects a real “sense” of things.


Build This Beginner Bot (For Under $20) — Part 1

All robot builders need to begin somewhere. This expandable robot base gives you a great starting point at an affordable price.


by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits

by David Geer
Covert Robots

The NXT Big Thing
The NXT Big Thing #13
Wii Wii!

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Then and Now
Unique Robots Helping Mankind

Combat Zone

BUILD REPORT: Another Brick in the Wall — Building Rudy

in The Combat Zone

In mid 2009, I built the most recent version of my Ant brick, Gilbert.

BUILD REPORT: Building a Better Beatle Beater Bar — Part 2

in The Combat Zone

This month, I will show how to create the axle, drive pulley, and flanges.

EVENT REPORT: Mid-American Melee

in The Combat Zone

The Mid-American Melee — the first event hosted by the student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) at Washington University in St. Louis — was a smashing success.

EVENT REPORT: National Robotics League Championship

in The Combat Zone

Twenty-nine robots built by 91 students from 14 schools battled for national recognition in two days of intense competition at the National Tooling and Machining Association’s (NTMA) 2011 National Robotics League (NRL) Championships held May 21-22 at Vincennes University’s Aviation Technology Center in Indianapolis, IN.

Dust in the Wheels

in The Combat Zone

With apologies to the band, Kansas: Dust in the wheels ... All they see is dust in the wheels.

EVENT REPORT: Lunabotics Competition

in The Combat Zone

Lunabotics is a NASA sponsored competition for college students to design a robot that could be used for lunar mining.

In Front of the Cameras at RoboGames

in The Combat Zone

This year, we competed at RoboGames with our heavyweight, Gruff.