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August 2010

Servo Magazine

5 Demo Platforms Built Using LabView Robotics from National Instruments.



The Evolution of Ethel

This enthusiastic bot builder chronicles his robot’s journey from a pile of parts to a well-dressed automaton.

The NXT Big Thing

Time to break out that LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT kit! We’ll start with a basic build following step-by-step instructions and then in future articles, we’ll create some very unique projects utilizing things like Bluetooth and additional sensors.

Getting Down to Some Basics of Using C

Mechanically-inclined roboteers tend to gravitate towards the hardware side of things for solutions. However, they’ll soon C the beauty of having the tool of programming in their arsenal.


Using a VEX Controller for Electronic Experiments

This next installment shows you how to develop a user interface for the VEX microcontroller using a DIY LCD display and a numeric keypad.


by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits

by David Geer
National Instruments Robot Platforms
National Instruments LabVIEW graphical programming combined with powerful embedded hardware such as the NI Single-Board RIO enable engineers and scientists to develop sophisticated autonomous systems and is used extensively in robot creation for a variety of applications.

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Ask Mr. Roboto
Your Problems Solved Here

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Robot Applications
Robots have come a long way since the first industrial robots of the early ’60s.

Combat Zone

BUILD REPORT: Bigger Better Beetle Blade

in The Combat Zone

The first blade I had created for our 3 lb beetleweight, Pure Dead Brilliant, had been done in a big hurry to meet weight for its first competition.

MANUFACTURING: Modifying NPC Drive Motors for Combat

in The Combat Zone

National Power Chair (or NPC) has been in business for many years, rebuilding and selling electric wheelchair motors and parts to individuals and wheelchair repair facilities throughout the country.

PARTS IS PARTS: Bantam E-Station BC8HP Charger Review

in The Combat Zone

The BC8HP charger is an update to Bantam’s already popular BC8 model. In short, Bantam has kept all the good features, increased the power rating, and improved the ergonomics.

Combat Zone’s Greatest Hits

in The Combat Zone

Ray Billings sent in this great selection of damage shots. All of these are results of fights against his HW Last Rites.