Edgardo Peregrino

I am a freelance maker, robotics enthusiast, Raspberry Pi geek, IT nerd and lover of all things tech.

Edgardo's Articles

My Cloud Native Journey
August 2023
From robot building to coding and beyond.

Cloud Native Computing + Robotics = Magic
January 2022
Monitor your robots in real time as you make them move.

Dual Robot Control Using Web Development + the Cloud
June 2020
How I developed an app and deployed it using Docker and Kubernetes, and then integrated it with GitHub Actions and ArgoCD to control two robots.

Using GUIs To Control Two Robots — Update: Multi-Platform GUIs
May 2020
Don’t limit yourself to just using a Raspberry Pi to control your robots.

Using GUIs to Control Two Robots
April 2020
Control robots using Python’s guizero module.