AI Impact on Students Life: Pros and Cons

AI Impact on Students Life: Pros and Cons

By Frank Hamilton

Artificial Intelligence has been present in our lives for several years now with many people becoming so accustomed to it that they don’t even realize they’re using AI. Likewise, AI can have a very significant impact on the different aspects of your life — especially if you’re a student. Hence, here are the pros and cons of AI impact on student life.

#1 Pro: Personalized Learning

The first significant benefit of AI for student life is the ability to receive a completely personalized learning experience. AI-powered programs can take into account a variety of factors about the student to determine the best learning path for them.

Usually, learning is based on the curriculum and doesn’t differ much student by student, but AI-powered software can help professors deliver coursework in a pace perfect for each student separately while working to improve their weaknesses.

#2 Con: High Costs

This kind of personalized learning comes at its own cost. In fact, it comes with very high costs because most of the AI software available right now is not cheap. Moreover, it’s not just about purchasing the software.

As Jennifer Mulligan from the writing service reviews site, Online Writers Rating says, “You need to pay for installing it, maintaining it, and repairing it. Moreover, both educators and students will need to be additionally trained on how to actually use this software.

Add all of that up and you get a pretty expensive step to take which only highly-funded educational institutions will be able to afford.”

#3 Pro: Opportunities for the Disabled

Something that is directly related to personalized learning is the ability to provide disabled students with the right opportunities for getting the same high-quality experience that regular students do.

There are already questions about how AI will impact the way we work, but the situation is even more confusing with empowering disabled students. There aren’t AI-powered programs available for the disabled yet, but they are being developed.

#4 Con: No Personal Connection

Despite all the amazing benefits of AI-powered education, one of the biggest issues remains: There is no personal connection between the student and the teacher, tutor, professor, or educator.

As Gregory Young from the custom writing reviews site Best Writers Online puts it: “AI is amazing for education, but it removes the very important factor of personal connection that could demotivate students.

Some people are able to learn just because they feel valued by their teacher, but this is non-existent when it comes to AI-powered learning experiences.”

#5 Pro: VR- and Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning has gained popularity recently, but AI can improve such experiences even more and also create opportunities for VR-based learning experiences. In a day and age when many kids and teenagers are used to gaming, such an approach can significantly improve learning outcomes.

When using AI-powered VR- and game-based educational approaches, teachers will be able to find the best way to deliver information to each and every student. It’s a part of personalization, but it’s also a way to make the experience more fun and enjoyable for the students.

#6 Con: Addiction to AI

That being said, such game-based learning experiences can be very addictive to students of all ages as well as to educators. As Daniel Adams from the writing services reviews site, Writing Judge notes, “AI makes education easier both for the teachers and for the students, but this means that they can become addicted to such an easy way of teaching or learning. It can even become unhealthy if it’s ignored or overlooked.”

#7 Pro: Dynamic Scheduling

Last but not least, AI-powered software can help create dynamic scheduling. By analyzing the habits of the students and their teachers, such programs will be scheduling classes and exams in a way that will accommodate the needs of both parties. Moreover, dynamic scheduling can maximize learning outcomes and speed up the learning process.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Artificial Intelligence is definitely something to consider because it has numerous benefits for students. However, you still need to proceed with caution considering the cons AI impact has on student life. AI will only be expanding in the coming years, so it’s worth embracing it to be able to use all of its greatest benefits.  SV

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing, and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German, and English. Meet him on Facebook and Twitter.

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