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August 2013

Servo Magazine

Making Better Arduino Robots With The Ardbot II

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RoboGames Requiem: A Facebook Epic

The announcement that RoboGames was not being continued by Dave Calkins and Simone Davalos started a FaceBook conversation with over 1,000 comments. A spinoff post worthy of recording as part of our “History of Robot Combat” series also ensued.

PR2Lite Grows Up — and So Do Its Makers

Find out the latest evolution in this home brewed version of Willow Garage’s PR2.

It’s All in Your Head

More and more, scientists are looking to the anatomy of the human body to maker smarter and faster machines.

Tibbo Trouble

With Tibbo, you can write a few lines of Basic code and exchange data with peers and hosts via the Internet. The Tibbo EM500 is perfect for retrofitting devices with serial ports for use on the Internet. How can you implement it in your next bot build?


Making Better Arduino Robots with the ArdBot — Part 1

Originally debuted in 2010, ArdBot is back with a more slim line design, plus lots of added Arduinos for all kinds of new features and capabilities.

3D Printers Part 4: Tuning

This time, slicer software that is used to convert 3D models to instructions a printer can actually understand will be covered, plus the MakerGear M2 arrived!


by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits
• Robo Suit in Final Trials • Insect Vision for Bots and More • Aerobatic MAV Takes Flight • Bot Flips the Bird • Sniff This!

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Your Problems Solved Here
Putting the RoboBuilder Creative kit in motion.

Twin Tweaks
by Bryce Woolley, Evan Woolley
Tinker, Printer, Solder, Die
These “printer wars” show how even newbies can get started into the fascinating and terrifying world of robotics with junk.

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
There once was a time when robot builders had only a few sources for project parts. That is no longer the case.