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December 2014

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Evolution Of The Jade Robot



Mechanical Modularity

Modular assemblies are making it easier than ever to construct robots.

ROS Indigo Meets the Neato

This high school student gives a quick tutorial on how to set up a Neato robot with ROS Indigo Igloo and use a simple teleop program to control the unit with a keyboard.

The Evolution of the Jade Robot

Follow the journey that led to one of the most innovative robot platforms for STEM education currently available on the market.

Basics of Soldering

Roboticists need all kinds of different skills to construct their automatons. Knowing how to solder is invaluable in this process.

e-NABLE’s Open Source 3D Printed Hand

Building robots isn’t always about fun and games. There’s a lot of humanitarian projects that can be developed. Take, for example, the Raptor hand that is bringing functionality and joy to all kinds of folks.


Making Robots With the Propeller Activity Board

In this final installment, learn about proximity detection and the way these low cost sensors are connected and used. Plus, mount these sensors onto a rotating turret attached to the PropBot.

Build the Diet Buddy

Afraid you’ll pick up a few pounds this holiday season, or need help staving off those late night fridge attacks? Then, you need the Diet Buddy!


Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Your Problems Solved Here (12.2014)
Find out whether stepper motors or DC motors are better for two-wheel balancing bots, and how to get your Roomba recharging properly.

Twin Tweaks
by Bryce Woolley, Evan Woolley
Defending the Holiday Cheer With Robots
It’s littleBits to the rescue again as the need for a present protector from a pesky pug comes into play.

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
The Design Process for Amateur Robot Builders
o, how does someone really get started in robotics?

Combat Zone

BUILD REPORT: Nyx v2 Part 2: Platform

in The Combat Zone

With the design portion of the build completed, the next big step in the build is to fabricate the major structural components and build the drive platform.


in The Combat Zone

I have employed pretty much the same design for three pound robots since around 2002.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Team Tiki Gearmotors Beta Tested

in The Combat Zone

When Micah from Team Tiki fame was searching for someone going to an upcoming event to test out his new gearmotors, I knew I had the perfect storm.


The Problem With Too Much Experience
by Bryan Bergeron
It's good to question the beliefs and experience of others and, at times, experiment with things first-hand. If you want to be an innovator, you've got to be a risk taker.