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July 2014

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Using R/C SERVO Motors For Robotics



Understanding the PIC Capture Module

The capture module is so handy, it’s a shame not to know how to use it. Why, you ask? Its primary purpose is to accurately measure the period or duty cycle of an incoming pulse wave — a capability that’s invaluable in reading a wide variety of sensors.

Using Radio Control Servo Motors in Robotics

Radio-controlled servo motors have earned an important place in robotics. Here's what you need to know to use R/C servos in your next robot project.


MF70 Micro Mill CNC Conversion

In Part 4, we’ll switch things up a bit and combine the electrical hookup and configuration together so you can get your machine moving as soon as possible.

The Manta Ray — Part 2

Wrap-up on the build of this flexible robot platform, and a few minor adjustments.


by David Geer
A Deep Dive With the Bluefin-21 AUV
This robot sub is highly modular and offers one of the best autonomous subsea platforms available. As such, it was implemented in the search for missing Malaysian flight MH370.

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Your Problems Solved Here
Questions asked and answered include sharpening tool steel, “going green” with lubricants, protecting aluminum tubing from dings and scratches, and how to get multiple parts of a robot head moving.

by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits (07.2014)
• Cargo ’copter Works via Tablet • NASA to Employ Surgery ’bot • Not Setting Speed Records • Nice to Feel Needed

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Robot Control Via Speech Recognition
Speech understanding and recognition are not as simple for robots as you might think. However, there are some interesting products available that may help your bot figure out what the heck you want.

Combat Zone

EVENT REPORT: I was a Team’s Toadie

in The Combat Zone

The event was streamed live at [url=][/url]. (You can go back and watch all the fights, as well as all the in-between stuff.)

BUILD REPORT: Dolos: A Trip into the Used Bot Lot

in The Combat Zone

Dolos began its existence in 2008 under the name Test Bot 4.5 SP1, and was originally built by Charles Guan.

Getting Started: Before You Build Your First Bot

in The Combat Zone

Maybe you’ve seen video on the Internet, event reports here in SERVO, actually been to an event, or remember when robot combat was on TV.

BUILD REPORT: Team Toad Validates the Lifting Wedge at the STEM Tech Olympiad 2014

in The Combat Zone

Ever since Peter Abrahamson described the sport of robot combat as Rochambeau (spinner, flipper, wedge), the challenge has been to build a robot that could do two things well.


in The Combat Zone

It’s probably a sign someone has been doing this too long when — upon sifting through ye olde junk box and coming across two needle bearings, a shaft, a piece of mild steel, and a brushless motor — the only thing that comes to mind is combining the steel with the shaft, inserting it into the bearings, hooking up the brushless, and wondering what’s got the cat so worked up.

BUILD REPORT: Printing Cheese

in The Combat Zone

The 3D printing phenomenon had more or less passed me by. I had learned to use one at the TechShop in Raleigh, NC, but that wonderful resource closed days after my course and I never got a chance to use their machines.