Steven Nelson

Steven's Articles

Pete and Tony — The Talking Heads
September 2016
Wouldn’t it be cool to have real robots that listen to and talk to us just like they do in the movies?

Beer2D2 — A Robot in a Can
August 2015
A chronicle of how an old lager was reborn as a loyal friend and show companion.

Unwrapping a daVinci 3D Printer
March 2015
Robotics is well known for its camaraderie among competitors. Here’s a story of how that friendship led to the acquisition of a 3D printer.

e-NABLE’s Open Source 3D Printed Hand
December 2014
Building robots isn’t always about fun and games. There’s a lot of humanitarian projects that can be developed. Take, for example, the Raptor hand that is bringing functionality and joy to all kinds of folks.

Cal Alveras — the Making of a New Friend
August 2014
As projects often go, one simple idea can lead down unexpected paths. See how the Microsoft Kinect sensor, a book, and a stuffed animal led to the creation of this boney beast.

Bran Dee’s Bar — A Drink Making Robot
February 2014
Follow the journey of a pile of parts and inspiration to a drink serving Barbot.

Team Kiss My Snake Tears It Up With a Barbie Jeep
October 2013
When combat roboticists are in the off-season, they take some of that technology and build race cars. Find out what happened when Team KISS Robotics and Team Plumb Crazy joined forces at a recent event.

BarBot 2013 Serves Up Some Intoxicating Entries
July 2013
Building a beverage-serving bot takes a fair amount of time and money. Learn how some of the entries came up with their creations for this popular annual event.

Book Review The Arduino Cookbook
December 2011
I would rank it five out of five stars for a reference book.

The Safe Use of Lithium Polymer or Lithium-Ion Batteries in a Combat Robot
January 2011
I recently got back from COMBOTS 5 where I was the arena wrangler. Basically, my job was to provide safety and also train several new wranglers in the procedures used in running an event. A wrangler’s job is not an easy one.

The Evolution of Ethel
August 2010
This enthusiastic bot builder chronicles his robot’s journey from a pile of parts to a well-dressed automaton.