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June 2009

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Hagetaka: Trossen Robotics & Big Blue Saw Build The Ultimate Mech



Implementing A Low Speed, Low Cost Communications Protocol

LIN is a relatively young network topology used in automobile mechatronics. See how you can apply it to your robotic needs.

A Virtual Laboratory

Simulate mechanical systems to streamline the designing process.

Computer Control And Data Acquisition

Part 4: Working with analog signals.


The CheapBot-14 Robot Controller

Add this controller to your robot base of choice for an efficent and cheap learning enviornment.

How To Make Bi-Directional Flex Sensors

Flex sensors have a lot of applications in robotics. Here's a simple approach to making your own.

Hagetaka: Bipedal Combat Robot

Follow the journey of designing and building your own MechWarrior inspired robot.


by Jeff Eckert
Robytes | June 2009
Wings Over Mars, Bot With An Appetite, UAV Employs Fuel Cells, String Climbing Bot, and More!

by David Geer
First Robot For Cleaning Solar Cells
When the solar energy producer cannot bring the panels to the car wash, it is time to bring the car wash to the panels!

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Ask Mr. Roboto |  June 2009
Your problems solved here.

Robotics Resources
by Gordon McComb
Blogging Your Way to Robotics Stardom
In this installment of Robotics Resources, we’ll discuss what you need to start your own robotics blog and how to keep your blog fresh and useful to anyone visiting it.

Beginner Electronics
by William Smith
Build Your Own Atom Nano Board
In this month’s article, we’ll use the Atom Nano 28-pin chip and build our own Ultimate OEM Atom Nano development board.

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Automated Guided Vehicles
Automated Guided Vehicles or AGVs never seem to make the headlines in news stories these days, as they go quietly about their business on factory and warehouse floors around the world.

Combat Zone

The Intro Ant

in The Combat Zone

Thanks to Travis Schmidt, Dan Wiseman, Donald Sung, and Dennis Beck who provided information for this article.

RioBotz Combot Tutorial

in The Combat Zone

SERVO Magazine, as a service to the building community, is summarizing the tutorial in a series of articles beginning with part of Chapter 2, “Design Fundamentals.”

Banebots P60 1:16 Gearbox Review

in The Combat Zone

My P60 gearboxes have arrived and so far, they look very promising. The overall machining quality is vastly improved when compared to the Chinese produced versions.

Black Death

in The Combat Zone

Black Death has competed in: Motorama 2007, Motorama 2008, Motorama 2009.