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Roaming Robots Winter Tour
January 2009
The Roaming Robots winter tour made a late but exuberant start in Portsmouth. As usual, there were three weekend events over October and November, and three cities with each well advertised event attracting a paying crowd for two or three shows.

Moving On With Your Robot
January 2009
So, you’ve got yourself some battery powered drills and have started to convert them into gearmotors to drive a robot.

Roaming Robots UK Winter Tour Final - 2008
February 2009
The competition that began in Portsmouth and moved north to Nottingham finished back on the south coast in Maidstone in front of capacity audiences, with 1,200 people attending two shows.

Cheap Speed
March 2009
You can control your robot with a simple relay H-bridge that gives you just three settings: off, full forward, and full reverse. These controls — sometimes called “bang bang” for the way they drive your machine — are cheap and easy to make.

How To Make Bi-Directional Flex Sensors
June 2009
Flex sensors have a lot of applications in robotics. Here's a simple approach to making your own.

Cheap Power
May 2009
Power packs can be expensive, but if you build your robot from cordless drills you have two battery packs complete with chargers left over. Use them to power your bot.