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PARTS IS PARTS: Bantam E-Station BC8HP Charger Review
August 2010
The BC8HP charger is an update to Bantam’s already popular BC8 model. In short, Bantam has kept all the good features, increased the power rating, and improved the ergonomics.

Keeping Your Stuff Together
April 2010
Since screws were invented over 2,000 years ago, mankind has struggled to keep them from coming undone. In the past 100 years, many advances have been made, yet screws still loosen and no single solution works universally.

Lipo Puffometer
March 2010
Lithium polymer batteries are increasingly popular in robots. In combat bots, they are often abused to the point of failure with expensive and dangerous results.

Pattern Routing of Plastic Parts
March 2010
The easy way to do these parts is to have them watercut by a company like Team Whyachi ([url=][/url]), but if you need parts quickly and your time is cheap, then with a little careful design you can route the same parts using just a router and a pattern.

Hole Drilling Redux
February 2010
Back in the November ‘09 issue, I ended the Hole Drilling story with a reference to sharpening drills. I have now purchased a Drill Doctor 750 sharpener and the results are surprising and worth sharing.

Hole Drilling How-To
November 2009
In this short fact sheet, we’ll cover the most important terms and techniques for trouble-free hole drilling. Hang this up by your drill press for a quick go-to guide.

Top Tips For Taps: Part 2
August 2009
In Part 1 (SERVO May ‘09) of this guide, we examined the theory of cutting threads and the different types of taps. This month, it’s time to get practical and learn some tricks and techniques for tapping!

Ideas Festival, Australia
July 2009
The Ideas Festival is a government sponsered "future thinking" event held in Brisbane, Australia every three years.

Banebots P60 1:16 Gearbox Review
June 2009
My P60 gearboxes have arrived and so far, they look very promising. The overall machining quality is vastly improved when compared to the Chinese produced versions.

Top Tips for Taps
May 2009
In this two part series, you will learn all the theory and practical tips you need to cut perfect threads and make stronger parts for frames, weapons, and general winningness!