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May 2014

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Ways To Move Your Robot - Wheels & Tracks & Legs, Oh My!

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Ways to Move Your Robot

There are lots of choices when deciding how to make a mobile robot move. So, how do you choose? Selecting the right system starts with figuring out exactly what you want your automaton to do.

All About PIC Pulse Width Modulation

PWM is a valuable technique with many applications. If you’re unclear on this signal processing approach or are just having trouble figuring out the datasheets, this quick tutorial can help.

Servos aren’t Just for Robotics Anymore

There’s a new application movement going on for our beloved robotic component: controlling model trains. Check out these cool methods that might inspire an idea for your next robot project.

MF70 Micro Mill CNC Conversion

In this installment of our conversion series, the necessary components and the software needed to control the mill will be discussed.


Pool Bot

If you’ve got about $100 and a few hours, you’ll soon have an underwater ROV that can traverse your pool in search of treasure (or mermaids).


by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits (05.2014)
• No Captain, No Crew • Doc, Print Me a Liver • Inspired by Termites • An Egg for Couch Potatoes • Improved Robotic Ball

by David Geer
Carnegie Mellon University CHIMP Robot
This DARPA Robotics Challenge contender is enabled for disaster recovery and rescue, and so much more.

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Your Problems Solved Here (05.2014)
Issues with streaming video from your bot and making sense of micro-sensors.

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Amateur Robotics Competitions and Exhibitions
These different group efforts make a big difference in the robotics community — especially for kids.