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June 2017

Servo Magazine


Dirty Jobs For Robots In The Tank

There are many robots doing dirty jobs that are making workplaces cleaner and safer.

Hacking an RC Car with the Mentor’s Friend

Use the Amigo for this simple computer-controlled hardware project (hacking a toy RC car) that you and a budding roboticist can build and explore together.

Animatronics for the Do-It-Yourselfer — Putting On a Face

What good is a fully functioning mechanical character without a face?

An ARDUINO Controlled Robot Arm

After completing an online course on robotics, I decided to create a robot arm that I could use as a platform to test all the theory that had been covered and experiment with new ideas.

The Gortinator

See how to build a two-legged walking robot made from PITSCO/TETRIX MAX parts.


Ask Mr. Roboto
by Eric Ostendorff
Your Robot Problems Solved Here (06.2017)
Tap into the sum of all human knowledge and get your questions answered here! From software algorithms to material selection, Mr. Roboto strives to meet you where you are — and what more would you expect from a complex service droid?

The Multi-Rotor Hobbyist
by John Leeman
The Multi-Rotor Hobbyist — Brushless Motor Basics
Get an introduction to the fundamental workings of a brushless DC motor and learn how to select the right motor for your next project.

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Human/Robot Interaction with the Elderly
Creating viable home assistant robots for the elderly.

by Jeff Eckert, Jenn Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits (06.2017)
Stimulating tidbits on the latest happenings in robotics for consumers, universities, professionals, and everything else in between.

Combat Zone

Robot Wars, Girls, and Glitter

in The Combat Zone

When a nine year old girl designs your combat bot for Robot Wars.

Motorama 2017

in The Combat Zone

Get the results of NERC’s 2017 combat event.


Wanted: Robotics Experimentalists — No Experience Necessary (or Desired)
by Bryan Bergeron
Despite all the talk, there hasn’t been much in the way of deliverables for robots taking over one job or another.