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November 2017

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Make Robotics Learning Fun!

in Animatronics For The Do-It-Yourselfer

Between smartphones and the need for instant gratification, how do we make the mundane machinery of robotics something new and exciting for kids?

The ARMadeus Project

The ARMadeus Project went through 10 revisions to arrive at its current STEM-ready incarnation!

One Good Eye: An Open Source 3D Scanner

Love the idea of a Star Trek replicator? If so, a 3D scanner may be in your future.

Rise of the Neuromorphic Machines

Are neuroscientists about to unlock the secrets of the human brain to create robots that think like we do?


The Multi-Rotor Hobbyist
by John Leeman
Build a Drone Crash Beacon
Build a DIY crash beacon to help you locate your downed drone.

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
How Robots Affect Our Lives
Rethinking how robots will impact our day-to-day lives.

Ask Mr. Roboto
by Eric Ostendorff
Your Robot Problems Solved Here (11.2017)
Are there robots in every room of your house? Would you like there to be?

Combat Zone

House of Robotic Destruction Gets Colossal

in The Combat Zone

Results from the classic robot battle, “House of Robotic Destruction” (HORD) that the Ohio Robotics Club put on at this year’s ColossalCon.


Downsizing: Robots and the Tools to Make Them
by Bryan Bergeron
Is it time to say goodbye to tools you haven’t touched in years?