Holden Berry

Holden's Articles

Unified Robotics: Bringing Everyone Together
September 2018
Bring STEM to the Special Olympics.

Dirty Jobs For Robots In The Tank
June 2017
There are many robots doing dirty jobs that are making workplaces cleaner and safer.

NASA Rolls Out Sixth Annual Robotic Mining Competition
September 2016
Teams from around the country compete for scholarships, awards, and experience dealing with mining in space.

LEGO My Prosthetic
January 2016
See how one scientist is helping children design and build their very own prosthetic arms out of LEGO blocks.

The Adventures of HitchBOT
December 2015
Discover the fate of this endearing mechatron as he ventured out into worlds unknown.

NASA’s 6th Annual Robotic Mining Competition
September 2015
Teams from all over the country meet up again to compete in another out-of-this-world mining matchup.

ADHD Students Benefit from Brainwave Monitoring Programs
April 2015
The same technology originally designed for NASA pilot training is helping students and adults alike to stay more focused.

SPARC: Reigniting Robot Combat?
April 2015
In April 2003, I was eight years old when I attended my first robot combat event as a driver.

RoboCup at 17 ... Robots vs. Renaldo?
January 2015
The growing popularity of soccer has brought about some bold new goals not only for human players, but in the minds of robotics experts, as well.