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August 2016

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COMBAT ROBOTS - Not just for TV! You can play too!



Building the KReduCNC X and Y Drives

Installing both the X and Y drive assemblies in our CNC machine building series.

Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini: A Robot Too Little, That Could Be Too Late

The SpotMini — Boston Dynamics’ newest bot for personal use — might not be enough to help the company's financial situation.

Animatronics for the Do-It-Yourselfer — Create Order from Chaos with Prop Controllers

Choosing Prop Controllers


Mind / Iron
by Bryan Bergeron
Getting from A to B
Getting from A to B in drones/robotics

The Multi-Rotor Hobbyist
by John Leeman
Build Your Own Drone Getting Started — Part 4: Training for Flight
We're ready to train our quadcopter flight controller to the hardware and go on its maiden flight.

Twin Tweaks
by Evan Woolley, Bryce Woolley
Do Androids Dream of Being Connected to the Internet?
Connecting your robot to the Internet of Things.

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Locating and Selecting Parts for Our Robots
It is the many parts, components, and systems under the hood (so to speak) that make any robot what it truly is.

Combat Zone

Denise: A Quick and Easy Fairyweight

in The Combat Zone

Building a 150 gram robot for competition.

Thirty Pound Under Cutter “Glasgow Kiss” Post-Event Analysis and Improvements

in The Combat Zone

The lifecycle of a combat robot is a never ending process of refinement and innovation.

Motorama 2016 — Teeth and Consequences

in The Combat Zone

Results from the 2016 SCRC Motorama 2016 combat robot tournament.

THE FUTURE IS BRUSHLESS Using Open Source Drone Firmware for Robot Drivetrains

in The Combat Zone

A critical decision in combat robot design is the choice of drivetrain in your battling bot. Here’s why to consider going brushless.

FingerTech Viper Kit

in The Combat Zone

The Viper kit from FingerTech Robotics is probably the most beginner friendly way of getting into the combat robot hobby.