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RoboGames and Block Parties

July 2016, Page 48

The Robot Block Party, RoboGames, RoboMagellan, and RAIN!

HBRC Challenge 2015

October 2015, Page 60

The HomeBrew Robotics Club TABLEBot Challenge is in full swing. Check out these highlights on what has happened so far.

The Robots of Maker Faire

July 2015, Page 58

After 10 years, this annual event continues to showcase some very cool automatons.

RoboGames 2015

June 2015, Page 26

Like a Phoenix from a flame, this classic meeting of the robotic minds returned to San Mateo, CA this year.

Rodney Junior: Continuing Education

May 2015, Page 48

Learning is random and hap-hazard at first. Ultimately, you gain memories of what to do based on prior experience, then use this info in similar situations. This is basically how we learn ... and how robots can learn too.

Rodney Junior: Smarter than the Average Robot

February 2015, Page 42

Some basic guidelines are discussed for anyone who would like to investigate artificial intelligence by playing around with a robot.

Taking a Look at the Jade Robot

January 2015, Page 56

So, just how does Jade stand up to some in-depth scrutiny ... read this product review to find out.

The Crow, the Skeleton, and the Pirate

September 2014, Page 70

Sometimes it’s just fun to do crazy things with robots.

RoboBusiness 2013: A View from the Expo

January 2014, Page 53

A quick recap of the recent event.

RoboGames 2009

August 2009, Page 58

This year, “Agus mulyana” and “Akbar Alexander” from Indonesia took the gold with a Tarantula-legged robot called “NEXT-116.”

RoboGames: RoboMagellan 2008
Column: Appetizer
October 2008, Page 76

It was a chilly June day above the Ft. Mason Center, San Francisco at the Great Meadow: 14 teams entered; eight took the field; five touched the goal; three touched the goal plus two bonus cones. “Zippy” and “Intrepid” traversing over 500 feet touched both bonus cones and the goal in exactly five minutes: 28 seconds ... a tie for the gold medal.