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January 2018

Servo Magazine


A Time to Plow

This unique competition pits teams against each other to see whose autonomous robot can plow the most snow.

Make a Splash with an Underwater Quadcopter ROV — Part 2

What’s more fun than flying a quad rotor through the air? How about flying one underwater?

RobotBASIC Robots for Beginners — Part 2: Adding Sensors

Combine RobotBASIC and the RobotBASIC Robot Operating System (RROS) on a chip to get a jump on complex programming for your robot chassis.

Neato + ROS = Robot Navigation

As difficult as robot navigation can be, it has never been easier to give your automaton the ability to know where it is.


The Multi-Rotor Hobbyist
by John Leeman
The Multi-Rotor Hobbyist — Drone Delivery — Part 2
Modeled on the slick promotional videos that show multi-rotors dropping packages from the sky to patrons, we continue our experiment with DIY drone deliveries.

Twin Tweaks
by Bryce Woolley, Evan Woolley
New Kids on the ServoBlock
See how to supercharge your standard servos so they can better handle significant lateral loads.

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Robots that Cook and Handle Food
Robots employed in the food industry can be quite useful in some areas.

by Jeff Eckert, Jenn Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits (01.2018)
Stimulating tidbits on the latest happenings in robotics for consumers, universities, professionals, and everything else in between.

Combat Zone

GlitterBomb: The Greatest Robot We’ve Never Fought

in The Combat Zone

It’s Series 2 of the UK’s Robot Wars and Team GlitterBomb has been asked to evolve their robot and bring something new or improved.

Auckland University Robotics Association Holds Inaugural Competition

in The Combat Zone

Report from the AURA inaugural Beetleweight competition.

More than Fun and Games: Serious Lessons from a Work Party

in The Combat Zone

When robots are involved in company parties, there’s a lot more than socializing going on.


in The Combat Zone

Without access to a CNC mill or a 3D printer, could we really pull off a three pound pneumatic flipper bot in only three weeks?


Helping Educators Teach Robotics
by Ken Gracey
Providing the tools teachers need to show kids how to build robots.

Robot Lies
by Bryan Bergeron
Humans don’t tell the truth all the time. So, why should robots?