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2019 Issue-6

Servo Magazine


Robotics Industry Helps Cope with COVID-19

Wherever possible, robotics and automation specialists are working to help cope with the corona pandemic.

Parallax and micro:bit Team Up

Micro:bit + Propeller = cyber:bot: a fun robot platform perfect for STEM applications.

PingPong Brings Innovation to Robotics

Serious features are packed into this unassuming cube.

Robot Vision for Everyone

HuskeyLens provides vision capabilities many hobbyists have only dreamed of having.

HF Antenna Switching for SDR Receivers Used in Robotics

A primer on RF paths and a useful project to build to go with an SDR receiver.

Helping Machines Perceive Some Laws of Physics

Model registers “surprise” when objects in a scene do something unexpected.

Experimenting with Walking Robots — Maintaining Balance

Various ways for a two-legged robot to maintain its balance.


Build Your Own Computer-Controlled Three-Axis Robotic Arm

Start your journey into computer-controlled robotics by building a simple arm.

Combat Zone

An Experimental Approach to Flipper Geometry

Create the most powerful Antweight (1 lb) flipper possible.

FlameBots for Battle

Learn the basics of flamethrowers used in combat robots.


bots IN BRIEF (06.2019)
Interesting TidBits From The Robot World.

New Products (06.2019)

COVID-19: Opportunities for D3 Robotics
by Bryan Bergeron
There’s a role for robotics in virtually every dull, dirty, and dangerous aspect of handling outbreaks.