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2019 Issue-2

Servo Magazine


Human Media Lab Takes LEGO to the Next Level

Using motion capture cameras, Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab helps create flying LEGO bricks that could mimic real world movements.

Make a Spring-Loaded Pen Holder for Your CNC Router for $5!

A pen holder is a nice addition to any CNC hobbyist’s tool bag.

REVIEW: Vorpal Hexapod

Review of the Vorpal Hexapod.

Balancing a Robot on a Ball

Building a robot that balances on top of a ball is easier than you might think.

Developing Robotic Behaviors

Using a simulator for developing and perfecting robot behavior.


Twin Tweaks
by Bryce Woolley, Evan Woolley
Giving Double Jeopardy an Unconstitutional Amount of Shots
Upgrading Double Jeopardy for the 2019 BattleBots season.

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Service Robots are Knocking on Consumer’s Doors
Someday, the right home service robot will be developed and snapped up by savvy buyers.

Combat Zone

Vortex — The Shell Spinner Adventure

in The Combat Zone

A bunch of trials and struggles building a first bot eventually pays off.

The Bot of Theseus Or “The Sparadox”

in The Combat Zone

There are two different schools of thought when it comes to dealing with damage to your bots during competitions.

I Build BattleBots

in The Combat Zone

Girls can be engineers and robot builders too!


New Products (02.2019)

bots IN BRIEF (02.2019)
Interesting TidBits From The Robot World.

A Renaissance of the Kit Building Era?
by Bryan Bergeron
Rethinking kit design for robotics.

BioFeedback (02.2019)
Comments from readers.

Giving Robots A Better Feel For Object Manipulation
Advances in robotics technology.