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May/June 2018

Servo Magazine


Ultrasonic Radar Refresher — Part 3

Tutorial on active sensing with ultrasonic radar.

Building a Better Robot

Meet Magni: An affordable platform for domestic robotics innovators who want to get up and running quickly.

An Inexpensive Ultrasonic Based Local Positioning System

Explore a unique approach with interesting possibilities for helping robots determine their position.

Georgia Tech Helps to Bring Robotics to the Masses

Read about a platform where academics and amateurs, students and hobbyists, or anyone that wants to move beyond simulations in order to test theories using physical robots can do so at no cost.

Flurry of Fun at 2018 Autonomous Snowplow Event

Results from the Eighth Annual Institute of Navigation’s Autonomous Snowplow Competition.


The race to the 3D printer bargain price basement has been reached. Is it worth it? We find out!

Adventures in Laser Center Finding — Part 1

Details on how a fixed mount laser alignment scheme works and can be easily implemented.


Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Are Robots Ready for Our Homes?
Some of the stumbling blocks and needed design features for more successful personal assistant robots for the home are discussed.

by Jeff Eckert, Jenn Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits (05.2018)
Stimulating tidbits on the latest happenings in robotics for consumers, universities, professionals, and everything else in between.

Combat Zone

Phantom II: Homecoming

in The Combat Zone

The latest edition in the chronicles of Black Lightning Robotics.

Flying with Suspicious Carry-ons

in The Combat Zone

Travel tips for robot owner’s carry-on baggage and TSA screenings.


A Robotics Infrastructure for the Experimenter: Hardware Essentials
by Bryan Bergeron
Say you’re setting up a robotics lab centered on four-wheel drive robots from a commercial source. Focusing on the hardware, here’s a list of the essential components you would need.

Industry 4.0: Dispelling the Myths
by Nigel Smith
Common misconceptions about smart manufacturing are discussed.