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Roll Your Own Turtlebot
January 2017
What if you could easily build the equivalent of a Turtlebot for under $300? I’m going to show you how easy it is.

ARM ROSLing (Game of ARMs)
October 2014
Here’s a quick tutorial on running ROS with a BeagleBone or Arduino.

Roll Your Own Turtlebot
May 2012
With a little ingenuity and some recycled parts, you can get your own homebrew Turtlebot up and running.

Product Review My Time With the TurtleBot
March 2012
What is a TurtleBot? According to [url=][/url]: “TurtleBot is a low cost personal robot kit with open source software.

Build Your Own Planetary Rover Bogey Suspension Platform
January 2006
The rocker bogey suspension system is an amazingly simple design with proven effectiveness.

Build an Inexpensive Solar Trickle Charger From Junk
September 2007
Harness the rays from the sun to power your outdoor bots.

GoPHR — An Inexpensive Prototype Platform for General- Purpose Household Robotics
November 2010
The idea behind this homebrew build is to develop an open source hardware platform capable of performing useful household tasks, plus be expandable.