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July/August 2018

Servo Magazine


Roboticists at UC Berkeley Build a Pint-Sized Rescue Robot

Meet Salto: The “most vertically agile” robot, capable of jumping better than humans.

Using the Maker’s Tool Works Create Express to 3D print your creations

Review of the MTW Create Express 3D printer.

Adventures in Laser Center Finding — Part 2

Details on how a fixed mount laser alignment scheme works and can be easily implemented.

Massachusetts Army National Guard Takes the Lead with the Urban Search & Rescue Competition

The Robotics: Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) competition is a SkillsUSA event for high school and postsecondary teams that the Army National Guard is helping to bring to schools.

Ultrasonic Radar Refresher — Part 4

Tutorial on active sensing with ultrasonic radar.


Twin Tweaks
by Bryce Woolley, Evan Woolley
Troublemaker: Unretired and Extremely Dangerous
Could our now 17 year old bot still be competitive in 2018?

Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
The Biggest Challenges in Robotics
According to a recent survey, these 10 areas represent the biggest challenges for roboticists.

by Jeff Eckert, Jenn Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits (07.2018)
Stimulating tidbits on the latest happenings in robotics for consumers, universities, professionals, and everything else in between.

Combat Zone

Fachan: A Dangerous Fairyweight — Part 1: Design

in The Combat Zone

Designing a Fairyweight version of my Beetleweight and Antweight combat robot kits.

Motor City Massacre Spring 2018

in The Combat Zone

Results of the Michigan Combat Robot Organization's first event was Motor City Massacre Spring 2018.

Meet RoboBears: A Collegiate Team Entering the World of Combat Robotics

in The Combat Zone

UC Berkeley provides a new platform for students interested in robotics.


A Robotics Infrastructure for the Experimenter: Hardware Accessories
by Bryan Bergeron in Mind / Iron
What you need hardware-wise when you’re setting up a robotics lab.