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House of Robotic Destruction Gets Colossal
November 2017
Results from the classic robot battle, “House of Robotic Destruction” (HORD) that the Ohio Robotics Club put on at this year’s ColossalCon.

Creating the HORD Arena
October 2016
Details on what it took to construct a new arena for a robot event held at ColossalCon.

HORD 2015: Con on the Cob
April 2016
Action report and results.

Tips from the Pros
November 2015
We asked some of the BattleBots' top builders what advice and tips they would give to aspiring bot builders. Here are their answers.

BattleBots™ Gets Tombstoned
November 2015
When entering the BattleBox, if you see the steely eyed gaze and confident smile of Ray Billings staring back at you, you know you're in trouble.

BUILD REPORT: Viper Fighter Mark-2a
September 2015
After back to back crushing defeats by Pretzel Robotics' Vile Ant and Low Blow, it became clear I needed a better Antweight robot.

Let’s Talk Bots
September 2015
Team Wrecks and Team Witch Doctor and Shaman open up about their experiences with the recently televised BattleBots competition.

EVENT REPORT: Robot HORDs Return to The Gate
October 2013
Eleven teams brought a total of five 150 gram Fleaweights, 11 one pound Antweights, and six three pound Beetleweights to compete in three brutal double elimination tournaments.

Mead Gets the AXE
July 2013
Ross Mead from Team AXE gives his perspective on the groundbreaking competition/TV series that aired recently.

INTERVIEW: Tool City Robobots Leverages Combat for Learning
June 2012
For the past six years, middle and high school students from across Crawford County, PA have been building ever-increasing powerful 15 pound combat robots to compete in the annual Tool City Robobots competition hosted by the Crawford County School District and National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) of North West Pennsylvania.

EVENT REPORT: ORC Storms “The Gate”
December 2011
2011 was a difficult year for the Ohio Robotics Club (ORC).

December 2011
September 2010. An unknown father-son robot team arrives unannounced and unexpected at their first competition (HORD 2010) with their new Antweight robot, Low Blow.

EVENT REPORT: Robotic HORD Returns to Cuyahoga Valley Career Center
October 2010
The Ohio Robotics Club (ORC) — a member of the Robot Fighting League (RFL) hosted the House of Robotic Destruction (HORD) Spring 2010 at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (CVCC) back in May of this year.

Motorama 2010
May 2010
February 19-21, 84 killer robots gathered in Harrisburg, PA to delight hundreds of motor sports fans with their metal crushing mayhem in the North East Robotic Club’s (NERC) Robot Conflict 2010.

Fighting Robots Invade Classic RC Raceways
December 2009
The Ohio Robotics Club (ORC) — a member of the Robot Fighting League (RFL) — held its tenth event, “House of Robotic Destruction Fall 2009” (HORD) at Classic RC Raceways in Akron, OH on September 19th 2009.

Ohio Robot Club Holds 9th HORD Event
August 2009
Thirty insect weight robots clashed at the 9th House of Robotic Destruction (HORD) hosted by the Ohio Robotics Club (ORC) — a member of the Robot Fighting League (RFL) — and Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (CVCC) in Cleveland, OH in May.