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BattleBots 2015 — That’s a Wrap
September 2015
Take a closer look at some of the details of how this classic event was run and who ultimately took home the Giant Nut.

BattleBots is Back, Baby!
July 2015
The classic fighting robot tournament is back on the air waves, and is bigger and better than ever!

RoboGames 2015
June 2015
Like a Phoenix from a flame, this classic meeting of the robotic minds returned to San Mateo, CA this year.

BUILD REPORT: Team Toad Validates the Lifting Wedge at the STEM Tech Olympiad 2014
July 2014
Ever since Peter Abrahamson described the sport of robot combat as Rochambeau (spinner, flipper, wedge), the challenge has been to build a robot that could do two things well.