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BioFeedback (02.2019)

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BASIC-ly Impressed

I’ve been very impressed with the latest set of articles by John Blankenship. I followed his series on RobotBASIC and the S3 Scribbler robot, and learned quite a bit about the capabilities of the hardware and software.

Now, his latest series demonstrates a capability of RobotBASIC that communicates with and controls many different hardware platforms. He does so by deftly introducing the concept of TCP/IP (and UDP) along with ports.

The RobotBASIC programs provided are clear and create a foundation for further experimentation.

The introduction of the ECHO (Alexa) device was a welcome surprise. I didn’t know that Alexa had the RobotBASIC “Skill.” So, I would hope to see many new articles on combining the network communications features of RB’s TCP and the voice recognition of Alexa. These form a truly “hardware agnostic” control platform that will be of interest to many SERVO subscribers.

Rick Wagoner

Thanks for the feedback, Rick. Glad you’re enjoying my articles! The TCP and UDP communication (without additional hardware) is a great feature of RobotBASIC. There are several free downloads on the FAQ tab at that provide extensive information on Internet communication. As always, let me know if you have questions or problems.

John Blankenship

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