July 2010

Servo Magazine

Gulf Oil Spill Disaster - Meet The ROVs That Tried To Save The Day

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RoboGames In Retrospect

Team Tesla Prime shares some insights and lessons learned from their experience at RoboGames 2010.

Robot Rescue: ROVs Lend a Hand During Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Get a closer look at the ROVs that were put to use within hours of this highly publicized offshore tragedy.


Determining a Rechargeable Battery‘s mAh Capacity

Set up this test system to restore — rather than toss out — some of those “unuseable” batteries you may have lying around.

See How Easy Coding a Rotary Optical Encoder Can Be

Fellow roboteers ... cast your fear aside and join me as I give you everything you need to add an optical encoder to the input end of your robotic projects.

Building a Real-Time GPS Tracking System

Learn how to add a tracking system to your autonomous robot or vehicle using a GPRS/GPS module, a local web server, and a simple web interface with Google Maps API.


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by Jeff Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits Page 08

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by David Geer
Aqua Robot
The Aqua Robot — a collaboration of participating universities including McGill University, York University, and Dalhousie University (all in Canada) — swims beneath the water and walks on land either autonomously or tethered to capture environmental images for preservation efforts. Page 10

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by Dennis Clark
Ask Mr. Roboto
Your Problems Solved Here Page 13

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by Calvin Turzillo
TankBOT: Basic Robotics 101
A Beginner’s Guide to Building Your Future Robot Overlord Page 67

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Twin Tweaks
by Bryce Woolley, Evan Woolley
I Am Encoding
This month, we have the pleasure of presenting the Position Controller Kit from Parallax. Page 71

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Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
What is a Robot?
Today’s new influx of personal and service robots are not being developed because they are ‘cool’ but because people have really come to rely on them for daily tasks. Page 77