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2022 Issue-1

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BIRDBOT - A Study Of Bird Leg Structure To Help Engineer Walking Robots

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Robotics: How to Get Started — Part 6: Logical and Bit-Wise Operators

Learn how to properly use logical and bit-wise operators with sensors.

Cloud Native Computing + Robotics = Magic

Monitor your robots in real time as you make them move.

Build Simone the AI Fembot — Part 5: Installing Simone’s Silicone Rubber Mask and Building the Chariot Mobile Pedestal

Installing Simone’s silicone rubber mask and building the Chariot mobile pedestal.

Could a Bird’s Leg Structure Help Engineer Walking Robots?

Researchers think outside the “bird” box when it comes to robotic mobility.

An Asteroid Prospecting Primer for Roboticists

Leverage your geologic knowledge here on earth to do autonomous prospecting in space in the future.


Build a Diff-Drive Using TYT Manufacturing

Don’t be afraid to take your time (TYT) to get projects done.


Twin Tweaks
by Bryce Woolley, Evan Woolley
Cannonball Fun
The latest upgrades to BattleBot’s competitor, Double Jeopardy.


A Drone Platform for STEM Education
by Bryan Bergeron
Step up to a more exciting STEM experience

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Bots in Brief
Interesting TidBits From The Robot World.