Collin Berry

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Robots Under the Sea

October 2014, Page 60

For the past 13 years, MATE has sponsored a competition to advance education and encourage ocean exploration with ROVs.

NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition Digs into the Fifth Year of Mining Madness

September 2014, Page 34

This year’s event saw some familiar faces, but lots of new innovations.

EVENT REPORT: FIRST Orlando Regionals

June 2013, Page 34

A New Set of Heroes Emerges

EVENT REPORT: Lunabotics Competition

August 2011, Page 35

Lunabotics is a NASA sponsored competition for college students to design a robot that could be used for lunar mining.


April 2011, Page 31

Joey Daoud, a BotsIQ veteran and film school graduate, has produced a documentary about the sport. SERVO was given the opportunity to do a pre-release screening. We enlisted a journalist of similar age and background to review this interesting video.