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An Interview with Ed McCarron
February 2017
Get to know Ed McCarron from the NERC a little bit better.

What I Learned at BattleBots
July 2016
Explore the more fuzzy aspects of the BattleBots’ experience.

Small Bot Masters — Charles Guan
February 2016
Charles Guan — One of “The Chosen” — the happy and exalted few selected to bring a robot to the new BattleBots that was televised last year.

Small Bot Masters
July 2015
The places I fight bots have four weight classes: 30, 12, 3, and 1 pound. I am especially fond of the 1 lb.

Small Bot Masters — Dale Heatherington
May 2015
The pits at a DragonCon Robot Battles are full up with builder’s cruft and last-minute assembly frenzy.

Small Bot Masters — Mike Jeffries
April 2015
Imet Mike Jeffries in 2011. This new guy shows up at DragonCon with some serious hardware: a sweet 1 lb and a 12 lb that looked like it could stop a bullet.

EVENT REPORT: Putting on the Bots
November 2014
For me, DragonCon is not a huge science fiction convention filled with panels, viewings, exhibits, parades, games, and elaborate cosplay that combine to contribute an enormous burden to the already crowded streets of Labor Day Atlanta and an equally weighty contribution to the bank accounts of the five main participating hotels.