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C. B. Radio: Garage Door Parts in a Garage Bot
March 2017
Repurposing garage door gears to build a combat bot.

July 2014
It’s probably a sign someone has been doing this too long when — upon sifting through ye olde junk box and coming across two needle bearings, a shaft, a piece of mild steel, and a brushless motor — the only thing that comes to mind is combining the steel with the shaft, inserting it into the bearings, hooking up the brushless, and wondering what’s got the cat so worked up.

Mall of America Rotunda Rumble
August 2008
In the post-televised robotic combat era, it’s good to see the sport can still draw a standing room only crowd. Such was the case at the Rotunda Rumble held at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN, where there were at times four floors of spectators cheering for more.