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BasicBoard Programming Options


December 2008, Page 58 [Digital Edition ]
This column started out building applications around the BasicBoard module sold at [url=][/url]. I’ve since gotten several emails asking if the BasicBoard was offered in a form that doesn’t use the Basic Atom interpreter chip from Basic Micro. In a word, no. But that doesn’t make it a dead end...

Hardware Serial Port Adapter


October 2008, Page 70 [Digital Edition ]
I’m working on a new robot application for the BasicBoard from Beginner I chose one of the tractor type bases from as seen in Figure 1. This is a great little base to build a robot from. In the process of doing this, though, I wanted to get the expansion serial port on the BasicBoard working for future add-on sensors and other future ideas. That extra serial port connection ends up pointing to the front of the robot so this could be really handy...

Moving From BS1 to PIC


August 2008, Page 67 [Digital Edition ]
A high school teacher recently sent me an email asking for advice on the best path to move from the BASIC Stamp 1 (BS1) module to Microchip PICs. He had his students programming the BS1 Project Board (Figure 1) which is a very nice board for the price. He was happy with that board as an entry point, but the next step in the BASIC Stamp world was moving to the BS2 Homework Board, which is a $45 development board. He hoped to keep it below $25. He thought maybe programming a PIC microcontroller...