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Low Speed Performance in Sensorless Brushless Motors: The VESC
June 2016
With the development and release of a new ESC called the VESC, the problem of fine control at lower speeds appears to be solved.

Big Power, Little Package: Brushless Motor Drive
November 2015
Brushless motors are quickly becoming the standard motor for weapon drive in combat robotics.

Building Better Bots: The Weak Link
August 2015
In building any robotic system, every part of the system must be tuned to provide the maximum possible reliability and performance.

Building Better Bots: The Power of the Watt Meter
July 2015
So, you’ve mastered the calipers (even if you can’t quite seem to keep it turned off), figured out how to use the voltage and continuity dials on the digital multimeter, and are pretty sure you have the scale figured out (except for that awkward triple beam balance thing).