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So, What is a MakerCon?
January 2015
This annual event “by makers, for makers” can give you the info you need to bring your cool robot build to market.

Playstation Servomotor Controller Interface
February 2011
This interface allows you to control six hobby servomotors using a PS2 controller.

March 2009
Egg-Bot is an egg marking and decorating robot, just in time for Easter. It uses two standard Hitec HS-322 servos. The brain for Egg-Bot is the SMC-04 USB servo controller. However, if you have a programmable servo controller that can control two Hitec hobby servos simultaneously, you can use it instead. Graphic designs and/or text is programmed into Egg-Bot using the GUI interface of the SMC-04 USB controller...

May 2009
If you would like an introduction into the world of artificial vision systems, this is a good starting point. We will build a mobile object tracking and following robot by first constructing a very simple robot base and then using the artificial vision camera developed at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to be our eyes...