Ten of the Top Robotics Engineering Schools in the US

Ten of the Top Robotics Engineering Schools in the US

By Katherine Rundell

Robotics is a fascinating subject with applications in consumer markets as well as a diverse array of industries from aeronautics to hospitality, and there’s never been a better time to enter this arena. Robotics continues to grow and it’s undeniable that in the future, we’ll be increasingly dependent on robotics. A degree in robotics engineering from a top school in the US will leave any graduate well-placed to pursue a career in industry.

Let’s look at the top schools in the US for robotics engineering.

1) University of Maryland

A degree in robotics from the University of Maryland will leave the graduate well equipped for the working world as business, public policy, and human factors are all considered in this broad and well-balanced degree. Access to the Maryland Robotics Center is another advantage to UoM’s robotics programme as this is a state-of-the-art facility.

2) University of Southern California

The Masters of Science in Intelligent Robotics from the USC is recognized as one of the best programmes internationally. Graduates will find exceptional employability one of the merits of this degree. As one of the most thorough robotics engineering degrees on this list, this curriculum is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a career in robotics research.

3)  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

With ‘technology’ in the name, it’s no surprise that MIT is a fantastic choice of robotics engineering school. There is so much science, technology, and robotics research going on at MIT that any candidate will thrive in this environment. Of all the schools at MIT, the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) is the largest, and it’s a thrilling place to earn your robotics degree.

4) Oregon State University

“Oregon State’s research output is one of the most impressive in the country,” says Virginia Davis, educator at Thesis Writing and Boomessays. “The robotics engineering programme at OSU is closely tied to this research, so every course is on the cutting edge of robotics, making it an energizing place to earn your degree.”

5) University of Pennsylvania

Penn is committed to creative research and it’s R&D consumption pulls in some big numbers, making this an appealing programme for anyone interested in pursuing a career in robotics research. The application of research to communities and individuals’ lives is one of Penn’s foundational tenets and it makes the robotics programme especially well connected.

6) Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology offers a thorough degree in robotics engineering that leaves the graduate well prepared for the outside world. Taking in machine learning, computational photography, and robotics intelligence, this is a fantastic school for those pursuing robotics.

7) University of Buffalo Engineers

UB Engineering, as it’s known, offers a complete programme in robotics engineering and is one of the top-rated government funded schools in New York State. “Closely connected to its research output, this programme equips students with practical and conceptual tools that will take them far,” says Bill W. Smith, robotics expert at OXEssays and State Of Writing.

8) Colorado State University

Colorado State rates highly for student satisfaction and faculty performance, and the robotics engineering degree is tailored to meet graduate demands for future employment and research. The research output of Colorado State is exceptional, so students are guaranteed to see the cutting edge of robotics research, and courses are appropriately related to contemporary innovations and trends.

9) University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Even first year candidates at the University of Michigan gain instant access to laboratory curriculum, so for those who want to sink their teeth into the practical applications of robotics engineering, this syllabus offers fast development. The course is broad and provides students with an excellent overview of the cutting-edge robotics industry.

10) Carnegie-Mellon University

High achieving candidates should place Carnegie-Mellon at the top of their list as this exclusive educational program offers exceptional teaching combined with the opportunity to work closely with a cutting-edge research output. As well as this research output, the engineering department at Carnegie-Mellon is closely linked with industry ties, meaning graduates are well-placed to step into businesses roles.

It’s an exciting time to begin your degree in robotics engineering. These 10 schools offer exceptional programmes to step into the world of robotics. Apply today!  SV

Katherine Rundell is a writer at Do My Coursework and Academized services and a manager at Custom Essay portal. She has a Masters of Science in Engineering and did her Ph.D on cognitive robotics before pursuing a career in industry. You can find her at  https://academized.com.

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