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The Riverside Robot Expo 2012

September 12 

The Robot Expo returns to Riverside, CA on Nov 3rd! Exhibits include a life sized R2D2 and C3P0; the “Lost in Space” robot B9; the Terminator T2 cyborg (on a motorcycle!); the Terminator T600; DevoBot, the Robot Devo tribute band; an interactive HAL “(2001 a Space Odyssey”); Elvis Presley robot; Robot Betty9, the Singing Android; Albert Taylor’s GhostBot; Wall-e; Leaf, the A.I. robot; Robot Melvis, a very human robot; and a robot art exhibit! Needless to say, you will see some Robots! Demonstrations include artificial intelligence, robot vision, speech recognition, a matter replicator (3D printer), and FREE classes in robotics!


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