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SDP/SI Announces the Donation of Drive Components For NASA Lunar Rover Challenge Contest

April 13 

New Hyde Park, NY—  Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI announces the donation of components to Team SpacePRIDE for the NASA Lunar Rover Challenge 2013 enabling the team to better compete by improving robotic and automation technology for space applications. Their space rover will traverse up to 80,000 sq. meters, avoid obstacles, navigate, and locate different samples autonomously. The rovers’ drive trains consist of two wheel pods, each having 2 sets of XL pulleys and belts which are powered by a 100W DC gear motor. The motors each drive a 90 degree miter gear arrangement, which allows them to sit inside each wheel pod. The belt drive expansion allows more reduction capability and shock absorption.

Posted on 04/13 at 9:58 am