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Video Footage Of Stanford’s Robotic Audi TTS

Back when we broke the news of Stanford’s new robotic Audi TTS, Shelley, we didn’t get to see much in the way of video of the car in action besides a few brief teasers. Wired got a chance to ride along for a couple 40mph laps around a dirt track and brought back some video:

Shelley is on track to race up Pike’s Peak all by herself this September, but Stanford’s goal isn’t to create a robotic racer. Well, I mean, it is. But in general, they’re trying to figure out how to program a car to save your butt when something bad happens. By figuring out how to get a car to drive itself on the very edge of performance, eventually, your car will be smart enough to take over for you in an emergency and pull some crazy and nearly impossible stunt to keep you safe. As long as it’s a Volkswagen, of course.

[Source]  BotJunkie - Video Footage Of Stanford’s Robotic Audi TTS via WIRED